We are the Camiola family! This website was designed to help us stay in contact with our friends, family and supporters! Click here if you would like to join our support team, through Beautiful Feet. Or you can send donations through the mail at the following address.

Beautiful Feet
3720 South Hiwassee Road
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If you’re still unsure what this website is all about, fear not! We’ve listed some of our most commonly asked questions below.

Where do your kids go to school?

We are blessed to have some of our kids going to school at a local mission school less than a mile from our house, Hillcrest. It is a very international school with students and teachers from around the world. Click here if you want to check it out!

We are even more excited that we have started Grace and Hope American School for our younger kids to attend and also for our ministry kids.  If you are interested in teaching at our school or know someone who is, reach out to us!

How long will you be in Nigeria?

Until God calls us somewhere else. This is a permanent move for us. We are considered long-term missionaries.  However, Just like it says in James 4, “If the Lord wills…”

How can I sign up to be on your mailing list or on your e-mail prayer update list?

That’s easy! Just click here

If I commit to support the Grace Gardens monthly, does that mean I have to support them for the rest of my life?

Supporting a missionary is a matter of faith. No one knows what financial future lays ahead of them. We ask that you support monthly as long as God blesses you with the finances to do so. If you know you are going to have to stop support, please let us know as soon as possible.

What language do you speak in Nigeria?

We are blessed because the national language in Nigeria is English, so we can get around fairly well with English. There are over 350 tribal languages and about 4 trading languages. We are learning one of the trading languages called Hausa!

What is the weather like?

It is around 90 degrees year round. Nigeria has two seasons, dry and wet season. They do not have a winter like we do in the states. If you want to check out what the weather is like today, click here!