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100% of donations given through Beautiful Feet go directly to fund the work of Grace Gardens. Our big push this year is to raise enough money to build a new home for Grace Gardens residents on our newly acquired land.  We are also working to acquire land for our Grace Gardens Academy to expand.  We invite you to partner with us as we strive to share the love of Christ to the most vulnerable in Nigeria.

When you click on the “give” button it will take you to Beautiful Feet Online giving page. To give to our family, choose 0326 John & Missy Camiola.

John & Missy are currently living in Jos, Nigeria.  Missy is the founder and director of Grace Gardens which is a safe house for victims of sexual exploitation as well as an outreach ministry.  John is the owner and CEO of CGR (Camiola Global Resources).   John and Missy love living in Africa, they love spending time with their kids and they get excited about seeing lives changed!

Jocelyn is our oldest.  She has spent most of her life growing up in Nigeria, and she was the first Camiola kid to leave the nest.  She is now a senior in college.  Jocelyn wants to study medicine and she is praying about using medicine on the mission field one day!

Nikko is our oldest son.  He is sophomore in colloege and loves to play soccer. He also loves to spend time with his younger brothers and sisters.  He has the softest heart of any boy we  know.

Josie is a senior in high school this year.  She loves singing, performing in plays/musicals, and loves to speak about her relationship with the Lord.  Josie has a real gift for encouraging others.

Noah is a fun kid who is always joking around.  He loves to read, loves to play with his pet monkeys and his dogs.  Noah is in 7th grade this year.

Nicole is in fifth grade this year.  She is fun loving girl who loves to do anything artistic. She also loves gymnastics and loves mothering her younger sister and spending time with her friends.

Joshua is in 2nd grade this year.  He loves snuggling with his dogs and with his pet monkeys.  Joshua is an energetic boy who keeps us on our toes!

Hadassah is our newest addition to the Camiola family.  She was born November 2017.  She is a happy little girl that is bringing us a lot of joy to our family!

What I Miss!

Recently, in an attempt to compliment me, someone talked about how I as a missionary had to give up so much to move to the mission field. The main thing he mentioned was a nice home. I felt kind of guilty that he was bragging about me giving up a nice home since I...

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The African Hut

This week in class, our teacher led us in guided time with the Lord. We were told to draw a picture of a house that represented our heart. Then we were supposed to write or draw picture showing God what we wanted Him to know about our heart and the hidden places of...

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A day in my many lives!

I often feel like I live in some sort of limbo between two worlds. When I am in the States, my heart longs for Nigeria and the people I love there. And then when I am in Nigeria, my heart longs for the US and the people I love here. But, right now, I feel so torn...

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Where do your kids go to school?
This has become a complicated question. Our oldest two are in University in the States. There is an international/mission school here in Jos that one of our kids attend and we have now begun our own school, Grace and Hope American Academy. Two of our kids attend Grace and Hope.
What kinds of food do you eat?
We eat all sorts of food.  We love many types of Nigerian food, but we still try our best to make our favorite American food in our home.
Do you see wild animals outside your door?
We live in a large city so we don’t see too many wild animals.  We do have two pet monkeys and two huge African turtles at our house.
What language do you speak in Nigeria?
There are over 350 tribal languages in Nigeria, but English is the national language.  We try our best to speak Hausa, which is the major local tribal language in our area, but we get around with English pretty well.
What is the weather like in Nigeria?
Warm! We live up on a plateau, so we average 90 degrees year round. Off the plateau is usually above 100 degrees.  We have a dry season and a wet season.  It rains almost every day for 6 months and then it is dry for the other 6 months.

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