This last week in the brothels, we got three girls to sit and listen to Mercy share the gospel. One girl was sitting right in front of her room as Mercy spoke about the righteousness of God and His love for these ladies. As Mercy spoke, I started hearing a man’s voice behind the curtain to the girl’s room. Usually, when we see men in the brothels, they just laugh and joke at us, or hide in shame. But this voice, was agreeing with everything Mercy was saying. She would say, “God is Holy!” and he would say, “Yes, He is!”. So, I started praying for this man and wondering what kind of man would emerge from behind the curtain or if he would emerge at all.

When Mercy finished, I laid hands on the women and prayed for them. That is when the man emerged from the room and humbly asked us if we would pray for him. What surprised us is that the man was a Muslim man, but obviously hungry to hear about Christ. So, we prayed for him and I gave him John’s number so that he can follow up with John. Now, I am praying and asking you to pray with me that this man will follow up with John and that He will decide to trust Christ Jesus for his salvation.