I try hard to keep up with my blog, but life has been extremely busy lately. The times when I have the most to write about and the most that I need prayer for, is the times when I don’t have time to write.

In June, I said goodbye to Karis who has been doing ministry with me for the past two years. I also said goodbye to Angie who has been working along with her husband at Grace Gardens for the last 6 months. So, since then, I have had the entire weight of the ministry on my shoulders. Thankfully, I am still finding a few people willing to go for outreach to the brothels with me, but the day to day running of the house, the prison ministry, staff issues, and the normal everyday events of being a wife and mother have all been on my shoulders.

In the last month and a half, I flew home for a couple of weeks to pack a container, we hosted our first team of 18 people, hosted a missionary from Austria, took in three kids from a brothel (I will have to write another blog about this!), took in a new woman (also another blog!), started a pre-school, and got all my kids back to school. It has been crazy to say the least!

Last week, was the worst. I felt like my family was really going through some tough spiritual warfare. It seems the more we see God do, the more we see Satan try to upset things. It seemed that everything that could go wrong did. The pump on the bore hole broke and we were without water for a couple of days. Then both our generator and our backup generator broke. An inverter we brought in from the States for a battery backup system caught on fire the first time we plugged it in, our dog bit someone, and both John and I were very ill.

On Sunday morning, I couldn’t stay home because Josie was going to sing in front of church, but I was still feeling very sick and overwhelmed. I sat down on my bed and began to cry to the Lord. I told the Lord that I knew that all that was going on was spiritual and I told the Lord that I was trying very hard to continue to Praise Him no matter what came my way. However, right now, I am sitting here with awful looking hair and feeling very depressed. I asked God to just allow the power to come on just for ten minutes so that I could heat up my curlers. (I know this sounds petty, but I am telling you where I was at!)

One minute after I prayed that, John came in and told me that although the 220 inverter had burned up, the 110 inverter was working off the batteries and he could turn on my curlers if I wanted! Praise God! I hadn’t even told John that I wanted to turn on my curlers! (I am sure one look at my hair and HE wanted to turn on my curlers!)

You know how you can have just an awful day and then someone comes in with a smile and hands you flowers and you forget all about the awful day and you are able to stand and relish in the fact that you are loved and important to someone! Well, that is how God made me fee Sunday. He sent me a little power via a battery, a husband, and 110 inverter and all of a sudden I forgot about all the other burdens I was feeling and I curled my hair and relished in the fact that I am loved personally by the Creator of the Universe!