A few weeks back we had an outreach party with the ladies from the brothels. We invited them to Grace Gardens, made them lunch, shared the gospel, gave them a tour of Grace Gardens and sent them off with new bibles and gift bags.

A couple weeks ago a woman who came to the party decided to leave the brothels and come to Grace Gardens, and when we came to pick her up, another woman named Sarah walked her to the car. We invited Sarah too, but she did not come. The next week we went and visited with Sarah and she told us that she had told 3 women about Grace Gardens and she was sure they were going to come. I asked her why she did not come herself and she pointed to the tell-tale bruise on her forehead that comes from praying five times a day to Allah and told me she could not come because she is a Muslim. I told her that she is welcome to come. I told her I could not and would not make her become a Christian, but I would teach her about the love of Christ for her. She is still not ready to come, but I could see on her face that she was touched to know we were willing to take a Muslim woman. I walked away totally amazed that God would use a Muslim woman to advertise the ministry of Grace Gardens and I walked away believing that Sarah is going to trust Christ one day. So, please join me in praying for her.