As we travel and visit with people here in the States, we are overwhelmed by how generous and loving everyone is towards us.  We are enjoying American food (too much!), time with family and friends, American malls, pumpkin patches and even indoor waterparks!  But at the same time, we are all missing Nigeria.  Our little Noah often asks us how many ‘sleeps’ until we return home to Nigeria.

In many ways, living between two worlds is hard.  Our hearts are often torn between two lands that we now see as home.  We feel like we are always saying goodbye to someone.

But, there are also a lot of blessings.  We get to experience the best of Nigeria and the best of America.  We have more friends and people we care deeply about than ever before.

We no longer feel truly at home anywhere, but I have decided that the greatest curse is also the greatest blessing.  Everyday, I am reminded that I am not home yet.  I am reminded that I am heading to a home where I will never have to say goodbye again.  A home that is being prepared for me by my savior.  As I travel around and spend time with fellow believers, and am blessed by their love and generosity, I feel like I am seeing a glimpse of that new home.  The home looks better and better every day!