Grace Gardens

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A place of Grace where women can grow to be committed followers of Jesus Christ!

Women are valued by God

Two parts-outreach and housing

The first gift God gave man, was woman. Satan always tries to distort and destroy that which is good, and he has had his sights set on woman since the beginning. The women we meet in the ministry have believed the lies of Statan that they are worthless, too filthy to be used of God, and/or have no other way to provide for their families but to sell their bodies. The truth of scripture teaches us that these women are valued by the Creator of the Universe. They were loved by Him even before time began. He loved them so much that He sent His only Son to die on the cross for their sins so that they could become daughters of the Most Hight God! When women accept these truths, Satan loses all power over them, and lives begin to change. When Missy Camiola flew to Africa, the last place she wanted to visit was a prison in Nigeria, but she felt God calling her to do just that so she start a bible study to women in the local prison. After leading a prostitute to the Lord in the prison, she once again felt God leading her to start outreach into the brothels of Jos. Soon there was a small group of missionary and Nigerian women reaching out to women in the brothels and prisons with the gospel of Jesus Christ. They were seeing women come to know Christ and who want to leave their current situation, but the missionaries didn’t know what to do with them next. It was obvious that a house was needed in order to disciple the women and to equip them with the life and work skills needed to one day become self-sufficient.

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We often update our wish list with things that we wish we could get for Grace Gardens. Unfortunately many of these things do not fit into our budget just yet. Some people like to shop for specific items so that they know exactly where their money is going. If this is you, check out our Amazon wish list! There is a lot going on at Grace Gardens! If you want to know what we are up to or what events we are preparing for, check out our calendar! Sometimes we have specific prayer requests for specific days that we will list on the calendar! While we are home on furlough, use the calendar to track our travels! We are well aware of the fact, that we can do nothing without Christ. There have been several times when we have truly felt the prayers of God’s people sustaining us on the mission field! Click on the link below if you want to know our current prayer needs specifically for Grace Gardens! We are usually working on filling a container to send to Nigeria. Here is where you can keep up with what we are currently looking for for the next container! The containers help us get needed supplies to Nigeria as well as provide sustainability for Grace Gardens!
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