Yesterday, we went out for outreach to the brothels.  We rarely see brothel owners or managers.  Once in a while they get on to us and tell us to leave or stay away from the bar area, but at this point, most of them are used to us.  And they just ignore us.

However, yesterday was different.  We went to one brothel that had been bought by a ministry here called Faith Alive.  The brothel closed down only to open up in another location.  So this was our first time going again since it had reopened.  When we walked in, we got the worst welcome.  The ladies started yelling at us to leave except one woman who we’ve known for a long time and giggled in embarrassment that we had found her in a new brothel.  And the owner started accusing us of being a part of Faith Alive and trying to put poor people out of work.  He yelled at us to get out.  No matter how much I assured him that we were not with Faith Alive, he still insisted we were and tried to kick us out.

So, I suggested he and I go have a talk in his office.  This allowed the other women with me to go an talk to the ladies.  So this brothel owner and I sat and talked.  I tried hard to explain the gospel to him, but he showed me his membership card to some crazy cult he belonged to and I found it extremely difficult to share truth with him.  He just kept telling me that God is love and if I was a Christian I should love him and not try to hurt his business.  He was oblivious to all the hurt that his business is causing others.  And he said the scripture is written by men, so he wouldn’t look a and scripture verses I was trying to share with him and instead insisted all you need is love.

So, finally I said, “I don’t want to shut your business down.  If I did, where would I find these ladies to preach the gospel to them.  I am going to pray that you get saved and shut your own business down, but until then, I want to be able to come in here and share truth with these ladies.  If however, you don’t allow us in here, then I will want your business shut down so that the ladies will go to another hotel that will let me speak to them.  So, if you don’t welcome me in every week, I will talk to the governor, the commissioner of women and children’s affairs, whoever it takes to shut you down.  So, why don’t you show this love to me that you are talking about each week when I come in and I will continue to speak truth to you and these girls every week!”

He agreed.  So, then I told him I was going to pray for him.  I laid hands on him and prayed the pure simple gospel over him.  I prayed that God would open his heart to his own need for Christ as his personal Lord and savior.  I prayed that God would reveal truth to him and uncover lies.  Then we left that hotel and moved on to another one.

In the next hotel, we were speaking to ladies when the manager of the hotel came up to me.  He asked me to come to his office once I was done speaking to the ladies.  I thought to myself, “Man, we are getting in trouble with managers today!”

When we were done speaking to the ladies, we went to his office and we were surprised to find out that he wanted to thank us for what we do.  He shared with us that he is a Christian and hates his job, but he can’t find another job to feed his family. He also said that God did not come to save saints, but sinners, so he is hoping God can use him here to help sinners.  He asked us to pray for him and asked us how he could help us share Christ with the ladies!!!! This is a first for us!!

So, I gave him my card.  I told him to encourage the ladies to come to Grace Gardens and I told him to call us if he sees a lady in trouble or a girl being forced into the hotel against her will and we would come help.  He happily agreed and then we prayed for him! Please continue to pray for him, his name is Rafael!